All full and five day LSGC members can play free at Mitcham on weekdays and Saturday afternoons, thanks to our membership of the SmartGolfer Network.

Just ring up Mitcham GC on 0208 640 4280 and tell them you would like to play a free reciprocal round via the SmartGolfer Network and, subject to availability, that's it.

Please take along your club card card as proof of membership.

Each LSGC member is restricted to two free rounds a year, but you can play more than that at Mitcham's discretion.

You can also take along non-members as guests for a reduced rate. During the week guests will be charged a £14 green fee rather than the normal £21. On Saturday afternoons they will pay only £21 as opposed to the normal £30.

Similar deals exist with 25 other golf clubs in the south east area, including Stanmore, Brighton & Hove, and Epsom.

Visit the SmartGolfer Network website here for further details.+