Midweek evening golf

A group of members meet to play 9 holes on Thursday evenings during the summer, teeing off at about 6:30. All are welcome to join so please just turn up if you'd like to play. 

More generally, the light evenings mean there are lots of opportunities for evening golf. If you do plan to play and need to pick up / leave your stuff in the clubhouse, it's best to give Grant a cal beforehand just to check when he plans to close up. His number is 020 8788 0135. Also be aware that the Windmill Car Park closes at dusk so make sure you don't get locked in!

2018-19 knockouts

The sign-up sheets are still up for the 2018-19 knockouts (Hawkins, Diamond, MacIntyre and Porteus). They won't be there for much longer so please add your name quickly if you'd like to enter and have not done so yet. If you'd like to play in one of the pairs knockouts (MacIntyre or Porteus) and don't have a partner lined up, just email info@londonscottishgolfclub.com or put your name up on your own and we'll partner you up with someone.

World Cup at the Club

We will be showing all of the World Cup games at the club. We'll be making a special effort for a couple of the England games.

On Sunday 24 June, England play Panama at 1pm, shortly after most of the Sunday morning golfers will finish their rounds. There is no competition on that day so we will hold a £5-in swindle in the morning. Please stick around afterwards to watch the game, have a couple of drinks, and enjoy one of Grant's hearty lunches.

On Thursday 28 June, England play Belgium in their final group game, which may or may not prove crucial. The game kicks off at 7pm and we will hold a 9-hole swindle beforehand for those who can get up there early (from about 4:30 to 5pm). Even if you can't make it for the golf, please come up to watch the football. Once again there will be plenty of food and drink available.

For those of you who prefer Rugby, we'll be showing the England v South Africa game this coming Saturday (9 June) in the clubhouse. The game kicks off at 4:05pm.