Club matches

We defeated Royal North Devon 6-2 at home in our annual match, keeping our record of only having lost twice at home (though we have never won away!).

Our team beat Mitcham 3.5 - 2.5 in the first leg of the annual match. The 2nd leg will be played at Mitcham on Saturday 13 July.

We finished 3rd out of 5 teams in the Silver Jubilee, this year played at Mitcham GC. The event was won by Wimbledon Common GC.

We play Chipstead in a home friendly match on Saturday 29 June and host the Triangular Trophy on Friday 12 July. Good luck to all representing LSGC - and thanks to David Paul for his continued work in arranging the matches.

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Pro-Am Report

Our correspondent Charles Attlee writes:

Nine pros returned under par rounds with James Johnson (Effingham GC), Jordan Godwin (Barnehurst GC) and past winner Chris Rodgers (Richings Park GC) tied at the top on 3 under and collecting £705 each. But the par 68 course was perhaps the overall winner with the pro field averaging 71.6.

The six easiest holes were the driveable par 4s (2, 14, 16, 3 and 6) and the par 5 11th, all of which averaged under par. The 2nd was the easiest hole at 0.32 under par and the 11th the second easiest (average -0.22) and the only case where the pros made the card SI of 3 look a bit out of place. Both 2 and 11 saw an eagle and 14 birdies.

The six toughest holes were, in order, 1, 13, 5, 12, 15 and 17, with the first three all playing 0.75 or more over par. 13, 17 and 5 proved to be “card wreckers” with ten, eight, and six double bogeys or worse respectively. The toughest hole was the 1st, which averaged 3.8, but we all know a four there is a good start. There was just one birdie on the 1st across the field. All of the long par 3s played at least 0.75 strokes over par.

Best risk/reward hole was the 8th, which saw two eagles and seven birdies but ten bogeys or worse.

The course was in fantastic condition so much kudos to Ian who had the greens running true and fast … and might even have had a hand in the gorgeous weather.

Congratulations to the London Scottish team of David Prigg, John Prigg, Tommy Tighe and Tom Tighe, who triumphed in the team competition.

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2019-20 knockouts

The sheets are now up to sign up for the 2019-20 knockout competitions. We are also announcing some new rules for this year. 

In recent years, we have tried to be a bit more flexible with deadlines to encourage more people to enter the knockouts. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have worked as well as we'd hoped with three finals this year 'missing' the Club Supper. This coupled with one of last year's finals not getting played until September has forced us to change back to a more rigorous structure with regards dates and responsibility of contact. The new rules are as follows:

1. There will be clear 'play by' dates for all rounds from the start of the competition.
2. The player(s) listed first (top) in the draw for each match will be responsible for getting in touch with their opponent and will need to offer three dates to play their match, including weekend dates (and not consecutive dates).

Of course, the 'bottom' player can still make contact (and we encourage this) but by assigning main responsibility to one of the players, we hope this will avoid situations where each player waits for the other to make contact. If a match has not been played by the deadline for that round, the handicap convener (Nick Sharp) will determine who progresses based on the contact made and attempts to arrange the game.

In our experience, most of the issues with games (not) being played are due to players not being proactive in arranging them at an early enough stage. So please make contact to arrange your matches as soon as your opponent is known this year. And please also sign up to enter the competitions quickly as this will allow us to make the draws early and allow more time for each round.

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