Terms and Conditions


Full payment is required prior to playing, at the Pro Shop or at the Main Bar in the clubhouse and is non-transferable or refundable in the event of cancellation.

Golfers to be on their starting tee 10 minutes before their allotted tee time. All golfers are expected to play from the 1st tee, unless otherwise instructed. The London Scottish Golf Club reserves the right to amend any tee time. The London Scottish Golf Club reserves the right to make all groups into four balls.

Pace of play: Slow play must be avoided at all times. Pace of play on the golf course is monitored and a nominated member of the The London Scottish Golf Club reserves the right to ask players to speed up.


Pitch marks must be repaired, divots replaced and bunkers raked. Anyone acting in a dangerous or disruptive manner or not following The dress code may be asked to leave the golf course or putting green and no refund can be made.


The use of electric trolleys and trolleys are subject to weather conditions and is made on a daily basis by our Head Green Keeper. This decision is a basis on creating the best playing conditions for those on the golf course on the day and also the health and safety of those on the golf course. No golf buggies will be permitted on the course.

Please note that all items are left at The London Scottish Golf Club at your own risk, The London Scottish Golf Club does not accept liability for any items left unattended within any private or public areas of the Clubhouse / Course unless a specific request for safekeeping of items has been made to us and arranged.


Dress code

The Rules of Golf and Dress Code Policy must be adhered to at all times on the golf courses and putting green.

As our golf is played on Wimbledon Common, the wearing of a pillar box red upper garment is compulsory to play golf, by order of the Wimbledon & Putney Commons Conservators.

We can provide you with appropriate clothing if required, and correct clothing is also available to purchase from the pro shop. Please ensure you have made necessary arrangements prior to playing:

  • Appropriate golf shoes are required on the course
  • If wearing shorts, suitable sports socks are necessary and be pulled up
  • Always wear a pillar box red collared shirt on the course
  • Golf sweaters, waterproofs and the like should be pillar box red in colour
  • No denim clothing allowed on the course
  • No tops with a hood are allowed on the course
  • In the Main Hall and bar area, smart casual attire is appropriate
  • Golf shoes and clothing can be worn in the 'spike bar'


Group Leader:

The person named in all correspondence will become known as "The Group Leader". He/she will remain as group leader until the stay is completed. The group leader will be our point of contact at all times and will be granted authority to deal with us on behalf of every member of the relevant group. The group leader accepts full responsibility for his/her group, and he/she should ensure all members of his/her party adhere to the terms and conditions at all times.

Code of conduct


The London Scottish Golf Club places great emphasis on providing a pleasant and safe environment for its guests and staff. As such, we reserve the right to ask any guest who is abusive, threatening or offensive to our guests or staff to leave the hotel immediately and will incur any relevant early departure charges. Reasons for summary eviction include drunken behaviour, unreasonable demands, foul language, racist comments, suspected theft from the company or other guests, trespass in staff only areas, wilful avoidance of agreed charges, and suspected use of illegal substances - although this list is not exhaustive.




We reserve the right to invoice our guests for damage or negligent soiling caused to any parts of our premises; accidental or otherwise. Failing to tell us about damage to our property may result in higher-than-expected maintenance or cleaning charges due to delayed intervention.




All areas of the Clubhouse are strictly non-smoking. Outside areas are provided for your comfort.


Amendments and cancellations (Events)


In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel or postpone your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, the London Scottish Golf Club will make every effort to re-sell the facilities on your behalf. In the event of the Club being unsuccessful in re-selling the cancelled or amended booking, cancellation charges will be made as follows:


  • 12 months or longer - 10% of rates quoted
  • Between 6 and 12 months - 25% of rates quoted
  • Between 4 and 6 months - 50% of rates quoted
  • Between 2 and 4 months - 75% of rates quoted
  • Between 8 days and 2 months - 100% of rates quoted


All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and the facilities you have reserved cannot be released for resale until this is received and acknowledged. Definitive cancellation charges due can only be confirmed to you after the intended date of your event, when we shall reduce the charge by any alternative business we have been able to secure on your behalf. Should the client make significant changes to the programme or the expected number of delegates, the hotel reserves the right to amend the rates and/or facilities offered.


Amendments or cancellations by the Clubl: The Club reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith or reserves the right to offer alternative facilities without any responsibility on its part in the event of: Any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the hotel which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with the booking. If the booking might, in the opinion of the hotel, prejudice the reputation of the Club.



The clients shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of its delegates, and shall ensure that its delegates have regard to any regulations imposed by any competent authority, and that nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law. The client shall fully indemnify the hotel against any claims, or loss or damage arising as a result of breach of this clause. No items can be fixed to the walls, floors or ceilings. The Club will hold the client responsible for any damage caused through negligence by the client, the client’s guests or the client’s contractors. An inspection of the premises before and after the event may be requested by contacting the Clubs Steward. Where any facilities or services are booked, the Club will not be liable to make any refunds should the delegates fail or refuse to use them for whatever reason and full payment must be made. Where the Club is requested to book facilities and/or services on behalf of its clients or their delegates with third parties, it will do so in good faith but cannot be held liable should the standard of those services prove deficient, nor for the acts or omissions of such third parties. Only food and beverage purchased from the Club may be consumed on the premises. If food or beverages are brought into the Club for consumption, a charge will be made equal to the Club’s selling price for that or an equivalent product, which shall be in the absolute determination of the hotel. Event space is offered to the client for their exclusive use and for their affiliates and is not for resale to non-affiliated parties unless by prior arrangement with the Club. The event must start and finish at the pre-arranged times. Changes to the times must be agreed with the Club. It is strongly recommended that you take out event insurance. Please contact your preferred broker.


Junior Guest Policy


The following policy applies to all areas of the Club, all employees and guests. This policy is being implemented to ensure that the Club is demonstrating due diligence in achieving part 4 of the Licensing objectives; “the protection of children from harm” as stated in the Licensing Act 2003.

1. Children under the age of 16 are to be accompanied by an adult at all times in our licensed venues.
2. For the purpose of this policy, the definition of accompanied is; to chaperone and continually supervise from a close distance. For example: sitting at a table with them.
3. After 9.00pm, the Duty Manager reserves the right to ask children to vacate the bar if this is deemed appropriate to the business. If there are children behaving in a particular manner and affecting the experience of our other guests the Club Steward may decide to exercise this right..
4. Children under the age of 16 years old are not permitted in our licensed venue after midnight even when accompanied by an adult (save when attending a private function).
5. Your children remain the sole responsibility of you as guardian or parent.