Upcoming Competiitons

This weekend (28 and 29 April) sees the staging of the Four of Clubs, first played for in 1967. As the name suggests, players are limited to using just four clubs (including a putter) in this competition. The reigning champion is Dion Rowntree, who showed he was not hindered by a lack of clubs last year on his way to shooting a net 64. In fact, the scoring is usually pretty good in the Four of Clubs; the average winning score in the last five stagings is 64.8.

The two Spring meetings - the Davidson Cup and the Wemyss Cup - are held over the first two weekends of May. Both are 'major' competitions in their own right and together make up the 'Spring Scratch', first competed for in 1868 and won by the player with the best aggregate gross score over the two rounds. We will include more information on the Spring meetings in the next newsletter.